Organizing a National Move

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Transportation and Logistic

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Planning an international move can be overwhelming. Between coming up with funding, finding a job, hiring a service to relocate your belongings, and finding transportation, moving internationally can be complicated to say the least. Luckily, there are a lot of goods and services offered these days to make your move a little less stressful. For example, taking advantage of hiring an international moving service. These companies take care of the majority of your physical move, leaving you to the planning and organization. Staying organized is the key to executing a well planned international move.

Hiring an International Mover

Utilizing the help provided by an international moving service can be a very wise thing when planning your move. It is enough of a hassle to plan moving yourself, your family, and your pets, without having to worry about a house full of belongings too. Remember to look for licensure and the option to have your belongings insured during the move. International shipping rates can also differ from company to company and is very competitive. Taking the time to properly research a company before deciding helps with budgeting and avoiding wasting money.

Remember to be sure to make a list of what you cannot ship internationally, and customs regulations that are required for the items you can ship.

Packing and Documentation

Packing for an international move is much different than packing for a traditional move, and this is another great reason to hire an international moving service. There are often specific packing guidelines for items, as they have to be transported and stored in a shipping container for a period of time. Also, the insurance options for your things are invaluable, as coming up with emergency funding for damaged or lost property in the middle of an international move wouldn’t be ideal.

Also remember to stay organized with documentation you may need while travelling, and prior to travel. Birth and marriage certificates, passports, work permits, and documentation for your goods are absolutely necessary to your move. It would be wise to make copies of all paperwork, and put them in specific folders to keep them handy.

Payment for Services

The majority of international moving services require payment after they have delivered your load. Be sure to budget accordingly, as if funds cannot properly be paid, goods can be stored for up to a month and the fees can get costly quickly.

Making Your Move

Just when it might seem like all is lost, an international moving service may be an answer to your prayers. With great customer service, and experience to offer, these companies can really make a difference in your international move.

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