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by | Apr 3, 2017 | Money Transfers

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India has the world’s largest diaspora and according to an online survey, it shows that there are large number of Indian migrants residing abroad. Many of these migrants are working since years in the foreign land. Looking at this change, the increase in Indian expats across the world represented a rise, which eventually showcased the good size of the largest diaspora abroad. It is a known fact that if given an opportunity, lot of Indians would prefer to move abroad for many good reasons. On a describing note, it can be also said that Indians would like to move abroad, because of better infrastructure, better pays, better standard of living among other things.

However, over last decade, many Indian cities have grown post globalization and the pay scales of many organizations have risen drastically. Yet the readiness to move abroad has not lessened. Although, we have been constantly hearing of job opportunities from abroad, interest of going abroad remains very high among Indians. The migration of Indians as professionals, laborers and traders to rest of the world is a continuing saga of Indian migration. So how do Indian migrants really help their homeland by moving into a different country – Remittance, It is the process of sending money to their loved ones in India.

Remittances have risen spectacularly in the recent decades. India was one of the biggest recipient of remittances globally in 2015, with the southern state of Kerala accounting for the highest share, a study showed. This surely has captured a lot of attention of researchers and policymakers. There are a number of ways to send money to India and with today’s latest technology, new means to do this are constantly evolving. Whereas years ago, banks were the only reliable method to carry out international money transfers, now there are many other cheaper and faster options available such as online money transfer providers. Thus, today many of us prefer sending money online to India.

India’s vast diaspora sends back billions of dollars in remittances every year. Talking about remittances, they can improve the well-being of family members left behind and boost the economies of receiving countries. They can also create a culture of dependency in the receiving country, lowering labor force participation, promoting conspicuous consumption, and slowing economic
growth. Hence, this why we have a lot of migrants option for the option of sending money online to India.

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