Looking for a way to add your own touch to your space? Whether you’re decorating your office at work, a waiting area, or your own home, custom canvas prints can be the ideal option. You can use these prints to create any type of look and feel you might want, and highlight anything from family photos enlarged and printed on canvas to reproductions of famous works of art. Of course, there are several things you need to know about custom canvas prints before you place an order with a company.

How Are Custom Canvas Prints Created?

One of the first things to understand is how custom canvas prints are made. It all begins with your source material – you’ll need to choose the image or images you want to use, and then send them to the printing company. The company will then check to make sure that those images meet minimum requirements. Once this is done, the process begins.

The next step is to prepare a piece of canvas. It must be run through an inkjet printer, where your image is applied to it. Then, it is stretched over a frame and cut to size. Depending on the look you want, and the company you’re using, a protective layer may be applied to help the print resist fading from exposure to both visible and UV light.

What’s Next with Custom Canvas Prints?

After the image has been printed and the canvas has been stretched over the frame, one of several things might happen. Some people choose to use the canvas as-is for their display. Others opt to have it framed. Yet others choose to use a floating canvas frame to surround the art and lend it a unique, floating look.

Don’t Let Similar Terms Confuse You

There are several similar terms in the market today. For instance, you might think that a canvas painting is similar to a custom canvas print, but it is not. A canvas painting is an original, while a print is a reproduction. A mounted canvas print also differs from acrylic prints and mounted prints. A mounted print is nothing more than a printed image mounted to a backing board, while an acrylic print is the image reproduced on photographic paper. Neither of these uses actual canvas.

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