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by | Oct 2, 2018 | Classified Ads

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For the success of a business, it does not matter if it is based on online or offline advertising. Advertising is highly essential. There are various ways to advertise a business like free ads classifieds or paid ads on different social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

There are two ways of advertisement — first one is paid, and the other one is free. Now there are various myths about ads, and they must be cleared.

Paid ads are better than free ads:

There is no doubt that paid ads are always better than free ads. If a person is paying for the ads, then the result must be more effective than a person who is not paying for the ads and promoting his or her business for free. Various websites provide free advertisement for any business, or there are ways of free advertisement by using social networking sites, but this fact will ways remain true that it is not better than free ads.

Free ads are still effective:

Just because paid ads are better than free as it does not mean that free ads do not have any value. Though free ads can be less effective than paid ads, still free ads are effective to some extent, and they are useful. There are many examples of successful business that made their presence and reputation without investing a single penny into ads. So, it cannot be denied that free ads are not effective.

A business can become successful by using free ads:

Yes, it is true that a business can become successful without investing any money in ads. By having a perfect goal and strategy success can be achieved by free advertisement because at the end trust of the customer and service and product of the company matters more than the fact that how much money is invested in the ads. This path may turn out a little slow, but if the product and service of the company are good, then free ads can be sufficient for the success of a business. is a platform that offers free ads classifieds and also serves as a platform where people can buy and sell old goods. Like us on Facebook.

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