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Mutual funds are funds that are pooled together from several investors for the purpose of gaining returns through the investment.

While mutual funds have often been termed as risky, they are not a bad investment option when invested correctly with a proper fund manager. With a growth of 40% of household investments in the mutual funds, the acceptance level of mutual funds has been on the rise.

To avoid any fraudulent practices, mutual funds are registered with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and SEBI is responsible for enforcing regulations in the financial and investment market.

There are several mutual fund schemes available in the market to choose from with a plethora of mutual funds present as well.

The mutual funds are of 3 types, namely:

  • Small cap
  • Mid-cap
  • Large-cap funds.

While small cap and mid cap mutual funds are for aggressive investors who want to earn returns in a small period with high exposure to risk of the volatile market, large-cap mutual funds are for those who can invest their money for a longer period with steady dividends and less acquaintance to risk of the irregularities in the market.

Thus, for different types of investors, there are different types of mutual funds for investment.

Additionally, with many mutual funds in the market, the chance for confusion is higher. Therefore, we bring you the top-performing mutual funds in the investment market.

Companies like Quantum Asset Management have a list of top-performing mutual funds for different equity types to help the investors invest their money in the suitable mutual fund according to their requisites.

Therefore, browse through the top-performing mutual funds before investing your money in mutual funds.

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