According to Wikipedia, Numerology is the branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers. Numerologists accept the definition and the word “occult”.

Numerology has been speculated and even partially proved to be in use around ancient Chinese and Hindu civilizations. Though it has such a rich history, modern numerology is mainly credited to Pythagoras, a famous mathematician and philosopher who strongly believed that the universe is governed and can be explained through numbers.

But how can a person use the mystic yet entirely controllable power of numerology to improve different aspects of his life? Read on to find out.

Identify all Personality Traits:

Most people use online numerology to identify their hidden personality traits and reaffirm the ones they already know. Numerology assigns core numbers to the different combinations of letters in a person’s name.

The methods to calculate these core numbers and the corresponding interpretation of numbers are already there in websites performing online numerology. All the user has to provide is their date of birth and full name.

The following are the types of core numbers that a user can find out to uncover specific types of personality traits:

  • Expression Number:
    Reveals the talents and abilities instilled in a person at the time of their birth
  • Life Path Number:
    Reveals the most fulfilling direction for a person and the major lessons they will learn during their lifetime
  • Heart’s Desire Number:
    Represents the private things like inner cravings, likes and dislikes
  • Personality Number:
    Reveals a person’s surface traits, how they like to dress and how they present themselves to the world

Insert the “Luck” factor into Names and Dates:

Numerology can be used to manipulate “luck” and achieve a profitable result from many aspects of life.

  • House Address:
    People looking to purchase a new house can read the vibrations associated with the numbers in the address by reducing it to a single digit and choosing the ones that contain their personal lucky numbers.
  • Dates of Wedding, Travelling or Dismissals:
    Numerology can be easily employed to find out the best possible dates for any special occasion like weddings or major life decisions like quitting a job or starting a new business.
  • Naming of Children and Property:
    Balanced baby names give a great start to the life of a newborn and unlock their potential at an initial stage. Similarly, homes, businesses, and pets need to be given balanced names for positive growth and prosperity.

This is how numerology helps a person in finding their personality traits and determines the fate of their children’s, business’, relationship’s, and overall life’s future.

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