Easiest and convenientway to Send Money To India Online

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Money Transfers

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According to World Bank’s Migration and Remittances Fact book 2016, India was the largest remittance receiving country, with an estimated $72 billion in 2015. It can feel as if the world is getting smaller with more Indians are either traveling or living abroad than ever before. When you are traveling, or living overseas, and need to send money to India safely and quickly, you get lot of options. Whether you’re sending money home, paying your children’s or helping out a friend, the costs of transferring money from one country to another can be painful – but this has started to change. The amount of money that Indians send abroad, be it to buy an asset or to fund education, has been increased.

With so many people receiving money in India from abroad, which are the best ways to send money to India. For a lng time the big banks and transfer companies dominated the market, often charging hefty fees alongside unfavorable exchange rates, which meant you got less for your money. On top of these upfront fees, many banks and transfer companies set their own exchange rate, which will typically be a lot worse than the actual market rate charged elsewhere and significantly eat into the sum being transferred. Thus, finding different and innovative ways to transfer money abroad can be difficult. Individuals and companies moving funds internationally can struggle to predict currency movements or know if they are getting the best deal on exchange rates. Often they will simply take the rate offered by their bank or any money transfer broker, but this can prove costly.

Send money to India online can be the easiest and most convenient way to conduct a transfer. Sending money online is the easy and secure way to send money back home in India. Whether you’re sending money to family, have a home overseas that you need to pay for or paying for your debts, you can send money and easily fulfill your responsibilities. Through online money transfer you have the ability to send money no only in India but to almost every country around the world. Sending money online is different from options like cheque transfer, money transfer agents services, wire transfers.

Before choosing the online money transfer service, be sure of the purpose, amounts involved, frequency and the KYC requirements. With RemitGuru you are at the right address for your next online money transfer and you don’t have to worry any further. RemitGuru is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to send money to India online.

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