Photo Tips for Your Muslim Matrimonial Services Profile

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Society and religious

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It’s pretty obvious that photos are important when it comes to dating, no matter what your religious beliefs are. Photos on your profile can get you noticed for the right or the wrong reasons. They can be the reason someone chooses to contact you or not.

If you’ve tried online dating in the past, then you know what type of photo will attract or repel you. Sometimes the pictures of yourself that you like the best and choose to put on your profile are not the best choice when it comes to a dating profile. Due to it being hard to be objective when you are choosing a photo to represent yourself, here are a few guidelines to follow.

No Couples Pictures

Never post a picture of you hugging or being lovey with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. It looks like you’re not over the relationship. If you do post a picture where you are with someone else, explain who that person is in your profile so no one is confused. After all, you’re there for Muslim matrimonial services, not to showcase others you’ve been with.

Don’t Post Group Pictures Only

It’s imperative you be clear about who you are in the group photographs! There are so many profiles out there where pictures of a group of men or women are the only pictures on the profile. It’s very confusing for people looking at your profile. Be sure the profile is showcasing you and not your friends or family.

Post a Variety of Pictures

The more pictures you have with a variety of expressions and settings, the more interesting you seem as a person. A mixture of smiling, serious, formal, and active pictures adds another dimension to your online profile. Just don’t post anything you’ll be embarrassed about later!

Don’t Post Just Silly and Smiling Pictures

If you want to be taken seriously when it comes to finding your partner for life, then you don’t want to be caught posting just smiling or funny pictures. This makes you look like you’re not serious about finding someone to spend the rest of your life with, and it will attract the wrong type of person to you. Take some formal pictures of yourself and post those along with some smiling pictures. You want to look like a balanced person if you want your Muslim matrimonial services profile to attract the right person.

No Unnatural Pictures

If you’re an entertainer or singer, don’t just post headshots or modeling pictures unless you look flawless all the time in your daily life, too. People want to see what you look like on the average day so they know what to expect. They don’t want photos of you after someone has spent hours doing your makeup and your hair. One or two professional pictures are all right, but mix in some natural-looking pictures, too.

When it comes to posting pictures on your online profile, it’s important you follow these tips.

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