Refractive Laser Surgery for Spectacle Removal using state of the art technology

by | May 24, 2016 | Business

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Since so many people fuss with contact lenses and eyeglasses every day, many of them eventually consider going through a laser surgery procedure so they can see the world without contacts or glasses. These surgeries are becoming increasingly popular, both because they are very inexpensive and because they are highly effective in improving people’s eyesight. Choosing refractive laser surgery for spectacle removal is a popular option these days.

There are many medical facilities that can accommodate anyone interested in this procedure, offering professional and expert services and putting the patients at ease during the entire process. At ASG Eye Hospital, we offer state fo the art refractive laser procedure using the most advanced (Q-LASIK) Alcon Allegretto Waveligth 500 Hz machine with which spectacles numbered -15 to +10 can easily be removed. The 500 Hz Alcon machine with up to 5 times faster than conventional machines used as most places. This brings additional precision and accuracy. Performing Q-LASIK does not involve any incision or stitches and patient is not required to be admitted in hospital. The procedure takes only a few minutes and the patient can resume most of his/her daily activities soon.

What Can We Do for You?

ASG Eye Hospitals is a chain of super-specialty eye hospitals serving in 15 cities with 19 operational specialty eye hospitals. Our services include areas such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, corneal diseases, diabetic retinopathy and many other issues related to the eye. Whether you have an eye-related disease, an infection or any other problem that is causing eye discomfort or pain, we can help. ASG provides comprehensive, all-inclusive services that include diagnosis, treatment and surgical services that are both reasonably priced and exceptional.

When looking for an eye hospital, you want to make sure that the staff has experience first and foremost. Also, they should have operated on and taken care of hundreds of patients, and should also offer a wide variety of eye-related services for any type of eye challenge out there. ASG Eye Hospital offers services to people of all ages, and we even treat international patients. ASG provides world-class surgeons having vast surgical experience, and expertise that helps ensure your experience with us is a pleasant one. Most of our surgeons are from prestigious All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

Improved Vision and Much More

Although laser surgery for spectacle removal is popular, the hospital you choose should offer not only this service, but a comprehensive list of services for all eye-related maladies. They should put you at ease starting with the very first consultation, and should be able to ensure that you will get positive results, barring any unusual circumstances. On your first visit, they should explain to you everything that will take place on the day of the procedure, including before- and after-care procedures, as well as the complete costs associated with the service.

At ASG Eye Hospital, we do all this and much more. We make sure that before you leave our office, you understand everything that will take place on the day of your service, and also make sure you are aware of the total costs involved for your particular treatment. If you need further information, or simply have questions, contact us via telephone or email any time.

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