An Online Fundraising Platform Paints a Pretty Picture for Nonprofits

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Business

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Nonprofits have a crucial need for quality fundraisers that generate positive results. Regardless of the size, direct mail efforts or the amount secured in grants, there is always a need to raise money and this will always be the case. The largest audience for any fundraising event exists online and the size of the audience is growing daily. Within the next few years, almost every aspect of daily life will be technical and functioning without some knowledge of technology will leave many people out of the loop. In today’s day and age, the ability to reach anyone via email, social media or other online networks is almost the primary form of communication and therefore, online fundraising platform efforts are the best of any other efforts out there.

Nonprofits have to make an effort to be seen and heard as they work to no end to remain visible. In order to stand out and be noticed, nonprofit efforts must have a strong online presence because quite frankly, that’s where everyone hangs out these days. People are spending massive amounts of time online these days and digital marketing is the only way to reach them. Television, phone, radio and even the postal service is being trumped by the internet and if a nonprofit wants to be noticed in any form, it has to have a strong online presence. Fundraising efforts of any means always encourage the promoter to go where the people are and in the case of nonprofits, this is especially important.

Nonprofits must present themselves to their target audience when soliciting support for fundraisers and chances are the majority of their target audience is on the internet. Essentially, an online fundraising platform is still fundraising and a relationship must be established. Many nonprofits are misled to believe that simply publishing their fundraiser online is all it takes. That’s never the rule, only the exception. Develop a plan and enforce it until the end of the campaign. Nonprofits benefit greatly when their online fundraiser is properly managed and presented as a valuable fundraiser.

The finishing touch of any online fundraiser is to establish relationships with the target audience by keeping them informed and engaged. Send newsletters via email, add relevant links to the nonprofit’s website and always add engaging media to the website. Donors like to interact but at their own pace and will likely be willing to respond to emails that encourage them to offer their input on certain subjects. The outcome of the fundraiser is much more positive for nonprofits when attention to detail is given at every level of the campaign.

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