Importance Of Wardrobe Maintenance

by | May 29, 2017 | Business

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Be it weekend sweatpants or boardroom-appropriate tailoring, clothes should be always be clean. Whether they’re old or new, faded, foxed, frayed, ripped, patched or repaired, they should still be freshly laundered. When it comes to wardrobe maintenance, you can start by rigorously sorting your dirty clothes into three categories – whites, colours and delicates – and always wash them separately. Bear in mind that a cool wash by reputed laundry companies protects clothes from shrinking and is good for the environment but isn’t hot enough to kill the bacteria that can live in dirty clothes. You can look for a reliable wardrobe maintenance partner in India to take care of your woes.

If you have a routine, you can keep the season’s favorites easily accessible to speed up getting ready in the morning. For example, you can try putting your summer clothes in vacuum packs at the top of the wardrobe when the season is over, so your winter clothes can take centre stage.  Also, a surprising amount of wardrobe space is taken up by things you don’t need, or items that you think you do, but rarely ever wear. This leads to unnecessary clutter and makes it more difficult to get at what you need. This is a problem solved, however, if you seek regular luxury wardrobe maintenance from Pressto India. If you come across an item that you haven’t worn for the past year, then you should dispose it, give it to charity, or sell it online.

Having thin, matching hangers not only looks neater at a glance, but it also allows you to fit more items in your wardrobe. Big storage containers that can be slid under the bed are often an effective way to clear things. If you don’t have any under-bed storage space or you’re keen to keep these items in the wardrobe space, then why not get a hanging clothes organizer? Besides these handy tips, it is always a wise move to count on Pressto India, one of the best wardrobe maintenance partners in India to offer quality services.

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