by | Nov 22, 2017 | Business

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The procurement of a lot of funds contributed by many small investments from numerous sources in order to raise money for a cause is referred to as ‘crowdfunding’. Crowdfunding is growing popular as more and more businesses are opting for this option to raise money. It is great for entrepreneurs to start their business with funds assembled from investors willing to contribute money. There are various ways to get this process going, such as internet mediated registries, mail-order subscriptions and benefit events. But the one platform that is getting most used is the internet mediated crowdfunding. And for this very reason with each passing day, a number of crowdfunding websites are coming into being. These websites help unite the contributors for a common cause and help the project initiator to reach out to potential investors.

One such instance of a great internet mediated crowdfunding site is Ketto. It is absolutely free to start a fundraiser on Also it is not penalised if one is not able to raise the fund money completely. The fundraiser pages can be easily edited and personalised according to one’s wishes on Ketto. With crowdfunding sites like, one can easily get instant updates on the fundraiser’s progress via emails and text messages. These websites also give you provisions to pay your contributions via cheque, online transactions or cash.

Social crowdfunding (i.e. one mediated by the internet) is rather too useful. It decreases the cost of retail fundraising; it increases funders’ network; it diversifies the funding base; and last but not the least, it increases the awareness of the project which is important for great causes. So it is trending and many upcoming entrepreneurs are opting for many crowdfunding websites to help them aid their business ventures. It is very easy and thus acceptable.

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