Facts To Know About International Air Cargo Services

by | May 13, 2016 | Transportation and Logistic

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The majority of items shipped by international air cargo services are individual packages and parcels or smaller container lots of less than 500 pounds. However, there are Super cargo airplanes that can be used to transport much larger items including vehicles, large cargo containers and much heavier items that would simply not be possible on passenger flights or smaller cargo planes.

There are some important facts to know before making the choice to ship by air, particularly for companies doing international business on a regular basis. By understanding pricing methods and by comparing the benefits and drawbacks of shipping by air over water, it is possible to make a more informed decision as to the costs and options available.

Cost Considerations

All international air cargo services, regardless of the particular type of cargo, are charged on a weight and size basis. While weight is the most important factor, the size of the shipping container or package will also play a role.

Some cargo services are very effective at making recommendations to companies to help to reduce the costs by choosing more effective and less bulky types of packing options. Over multiple shipments, this can save a considerable amount of the cost of shipping, which is always important to consider.

Door to Door Service

Not all cargo services offering international shipping will provide door to door services. Some may require that the shipper and receiver make arrangements to pick up or drop off the shipment at a transportation hub.

It is important to check with the shipper to make sure door to door service is available in the country of delivery. The best companies will have a network of approved delivery services to provide this service.

Tracking and Technology

With both ocean freight and international air cargo services, the shipper should provide tracking information to the sender. Even though delivery by air will be just days rather than weeks, having the ability to go online, enter a tracking number and determine the location of the package or cargo will be an important consideration. This will allow your company to keep your customer’s informed, providing top service that your customers will appreciate.

It is also a wise decision to shop around and get quotes from more than one cargo service, particularly if shipping by air will be an ongoing cost of business. Getting the best value is always important, and top services are very competitively priced while still providing the best shipping from India.

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