How To Find The Right Online Fundraising Platform

by | May 18, 2016 | Business

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While the term crowdfunding is a relatively new term, the idea has been around for hundreds of years. Everyone always asks someone else for money when completing a big project, which is at the heart of crowdfunding. However, the Internet has changed the way that people ask for money and crowdfunding websites have come about. The trouble is that there are so many options, it can be difficult to find the right online fundraising platform for your needs. There are six primary characteristics to consider before selecting a website to help you raise money.


You should be able to customize the site to fit your needs and style. If you work for an organization and are campaigning for them, it should use the same colors and logos that others would find if they went to the company site. Doing this will help you build trust with potential donors and can get you more donations.

However, individuals may also want to customize their page to help it fit in with their style and preferences. This will show others that you’re serious about your campaign and that you can be trusted to use the donated money for its intended purpose.


Finding an online fundraising platform that can handle some or all of the administrative tasks will ensure that you don’t have as much to do, including updating the donation counters, sending receipts to donors and more. This can save you some time and allow you more time to raise the funds you need.


All platforms worth their salt will allow you to upload a video or multiple ones to help tell your story. Everyone knows that photographs and videos are worth more to people than text and information.

Personal Pages

Most platforms will also provide individual pages that volunteers and supporters can use to help you get more donations. For example, if you send the information to your mom, she can create a page relating to your page to tell her bridge club. They can then create pages if they desire, which will get even more people involved and get you more donations.

Social Media

It is imperative that the crowdfunding website you choose allows you to post your campaign using social media.

Money Situations

You must set a goal amount for any campaigning website, but some will penalize you if you don’t reach your goals while others will still allow you to get whatever money has been donated.

An online fundraising platform should allow you to start for free and not penalize you for not reaching your goal. Visit Ketto today to learn more.

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